Access to dental healthcare in Uganda is difficult and almost entirely based on a private healthcare system. As a result the options available to those unable to afford treatment is very limited. Education regarding oral health is widely lacking. Dentaid is an NGO which operates in various countries including Uganda, in an effort to bring much needed oral healthcare and dental education to areas and populations with limited access to it. In Uganda, the team traveled by bus between different communities in rural areas, prisons, UN aid camps, hospitals and orphanages helping several hundred people in the two weeks that I was there with them in March 2016.



The project was made in partnership with Dentaid, a UK based NGO in 2016.

In 1996 Dentaid was formed with one member of staff working from his garage supported by a £10,000 grant. Dentaid has become a respected voice in international dentistry. Over the last 20 years Dentaid has worked in more than 70 countries to end dental pain through treatment, training, education and equipment donations.

"Dentaid sends teams of volunteer dental professionals from the UK to countries where there is a real shortage of dental care. Our volunteers run clinics and outreach programmes in refugee camps, remote villages, schools, prisons, orphanages and community buildings. Every year many thousands of people are relieved of dental pain thanks to their hard work."